About us

Wagified ™ is a brand that helps you gain access to some of the best pet products that you can find on the market. If you want to take great care of your pet and ensure that it stays healthy and safe all the time, then this is the right website to check out.

We are parents for both cats and dogs, and we know how hard it can be for pets to stay healthy and safe. That’s why we give you access to some of the best and highest quality pet care products on the market. Our focus is on value and on making sure that you are always very happy with the results and the entire experience.

We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but we are selling our products all over the US.  We provide you with products that pets need for their spa day. Yes, your pet does need some time to unwind and relax, and with our great quality products, you can easily get amazing results and a very good value for money. They smell good too, which makes these spa products for pets a great investment for any pet owner.

It’s imperative for us to really bring in that wag and excitement that you need for your pet. You can buy these products separately, or you can get them in a bundle at a cheaper price too. It’s crucial for us to bring in that kind of solutions everyone wants, and we are always ready to assist no matter the situation.

Here at Wagified , we have a passion for animals and we care about their health and wellbeing. It’s our mission to help animals in need, and that’s why we are going to donate some of the monthly sales proceeds to local animal shelters. We want to bring you the best pet grooming products that your pet can enjoy and have fun with. Don’t hesitate and browse our store today if you want access to outstanding pet grooming products at a very good price, we guarantee you will have a very good experience.

 Our team is less of a team and more of a family. We are a pet lovers brand which justifies our store. Welcome to Wagified  !